Chris Burns

PR consultant, moderator, media trainer, video producer

  • 30 years of professional experience as a journalist in print, online and broadcast media
  • 7 years‘ experience in strategic communications management, crisis communication, media training and corporate video production
  • Clients include SMEs, international blue chips, international oganisations, governments

Chris is a longtime journalist and communicator via print, online and broadcast media, including AP, CNN, Euronews and Bloomberg TV. Since 2010 he has built a Brussels-based company, Burnstorm Communications, with clients inside and beyond the Euro-bubble, well-connected with the private and public sectors as well as civil society. That experience and contacts have made him a highly effective moderator, media trainer and video producer, assisting clients in preparing and sharpening their messaging for pro-active and crisis conditions.

Chris is a graduate of the University of California Berkeley in Political Economy and French. A French and US national born in Los Angeles, he cut his teeth as a journalist at the campus radio station, as well as stints as a producer at ABC News Rome (adding Italian to his Franco-German-Spanish language portfolio) and KPFK radio Los Angeles. He further built his skills as a talk show host/reporter/news director at KPSA radio in New Mexico before joining AP Network News radio in Washington.

It was join AP and see the world. After booming Sunbelt coverage in Nashville and the AP Internatinal Desk in New York, it was AP Paris as a reporter, then news editor, CNN based in Germany, Bloomberg TV in Germany and Brussels, and a hard talk show on Euronews through 2016. Since 2010 Chris has also built his company Burnstorm Communications with clients from various industries, governments, international entities like the EU, UN, OECD, World Economic Forum and civil society.

For all his clients, Chris applies decades of experience and energies to tell their story, or help them tell it, to convey in colourful ways what makes them tick, where they want to go, and how to win the hearts and minds needed to help them prosper. Through the spoken word, the printed message, the audiovisual that aims at the mind, body and soul. Through carefully prepared moderating of events. Through tailored media training with powerpoint theory, realistic scenarios and repeated on-camera mock interviews.

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